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Peptide Modification
Every peptide (including crude) is shipped with an analytical data package that consists of (1) a certificate of analysis, (2) RP-HPLC (reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography), and (3) a solubility test data. We perform the solubility tests to find the optimal solvent conditions to solubilize your peptide so you can save time and material. The test utilizes solvents that are applicable to your experiment (water is the first choice) and can be customized according to your specifications. Additional analytical tests are available at your request, including Amino Acid Analysis (AAA), peptide, and moisture content (Karl Fisher).
i.Lactam Cyclization
ii.FRET Substrates
iii.Isotope-labeled Peptides
iv.Peptide Stapling
v.Peptide Macrocycles
vi.Click Peptides
vii.Dye and Fluorescent Labels
viii.PEGylation (mono- and polydisperse)
ix.Multiple Disulfide Bonds
xii.Sulfation and Sulfonation
xiii.Incorporation of Unnatural Amino Acids
xv.N-Terminal Modifications
xvi.C-Terminal Modifications
xvii.Hydrophobic Sequences
xviii.Rhodamine 110 Labeled
xix.Native Chemical Ligation
xx.Epitope Mapping
xxii.Multiple Antigenic Peptides (MAPs)
xxiii.Maleimide Group Installation