About Biopeptek
Biopeptek Pharmaceuticals LLC was founded with the vision of improving human life through a dedication to high-quality peptides in research, discovery, and clinical innovation, made possible through cutting-edge science and technology. Our specialization in custom peptide manufacturing, our understanding of the science and discovery process, and our commitment to GMP standards differentiate us from the competition. With the state-of-the-art facility and experienced and professional management and scientific team with more than 40 years of experience in peptide synthesis, we can offer peptide products to our partners with high satisfaction. Our scientists will continue to work with you to ensure your project is successful.
Experienced Scientists with a Commitment to Peptides.
Biopeptek’s scientists and management have extensive experience in all major peptide technologies including liquid phase peptide synthesis (LPPS), solid phase peptide synthesis, hybrid synthesis for larger scales, peptide purification, and lyophilization. Biopeptek offers competitively priced custom peptides to life scientists and researchers worldwide. Applying over 40 years of peptide and research expertis, as well as multiple production sites in the US and abroad, we can take your project from research scale to bulk cGMP Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API), effectively and efficiently, supporting you in the research process every step of the way.
Scientific Expertise, Competitive Value.
Biopeptek remains committed to providing our partners with a high-quality product at competitive pricing. We understand the financial undertaking, and the extreme importance of scientific research. Our partnership extends beyond a dedication to research and keeps your budget in mind as well. We monitor pricing scenarios of all our major competitors in order to provide you with the best value possible.
Holding Peptides to a Higher Standard.
From project management, to feasibility, process development and optimization, experimental design and investigation support, we realize the importance of our peptides. We are dedicated to on-time delivery, reliability and consistency. Our management and experience understands the need for such high standards, and ensures we deliver every time. Our chemists and biochemists can prepare compounds custom-tailored to your specifications in any scale you need – from milligram to kilogram quantities. We are experts in producing fluorescently labeled peptides, peptides with multiple disulfide bridges, carbohydrate-containing peptides and peptides conjugated to carrier proteins. Other specialties include multi-step organic transformations, peptidomimetic molecules.
Quality First.
Biopeptek is committed to using synthesis and purification strategies that yield products of the highest quality and purity. Our peptide standard analytical package generally includes mass spectral analysis, purity determination by RP-HPLC and peptide content. We utilize stringent gradient conditions to report purity, to ensure our industry standard reputation for high quality.
Efficient and Effective Peptide Service.
Biopeptek’s proficient peptide synthesis techniques coupled with high capacity and new production equipment result in fastest delivery possible, without compromising our commitment to quality. We use cutting-edge technologies, such as 9050 Plus Peptide Synthesizers and parallel purification systems, allowing for expedient delivery. High-throughput orders are processed within 24 hours. Products with < 30 residues are generally shipped within 2 weeks, whenever feasible.
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IP protection is our principle of integrity.
This is our highest priority, and we have zero tolerance.
Protecting our intellectual property is essential to maintaining our competitive edge and promoting innovation. We believe that respecting intellectual property is not only a legal requirement but also an ethical obligation. We are committed to implementing robust measures to safeguard our valuable creations and innovations and to taking appropriate legal action when necessary to protect our rights. Our policy of zero tolerance for IP theft or infringement is a core element of our corporate culture, and we will continue to uphold this principle with the highest integrity.